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Breastfeeding Nursing Covers

3 Styles Available to fit Every mother's Needs and styles!

All Nursing Covers have:
* Lightweight breathable fabric
*  Allows you to breastfeed & pump discreetly anytime-anyplace!
 *  Baby Viewing neckline allowing you to have eye contact with your baby
 *  Machine wash
 *  Fabric is light, durable
  *  Beautiful designs, colors, and character themes to fit your personal style
  *  Perfect gift for any nursing mom
  *  Ships in USA & Puerto Rico!
(ask about shipping to Canada and UK)
Don't forget ..
Custom made Beanies, Car Seat Canopies, and more!

Crochet Beanies for ALL Ages

Providing Crochet beanies for ALL ages.  Custom orders are ALWAYS welcome. 

Prices Vary on Age:
$10 = 0-18months
$15 = 2-10 years
$20 = 11yrs-Adult

Also making baby photography outfits which include a Beanie, Diaper cover, Shoes, Capes, etc in various packages.

Beanie + Diaper                            
Beanie + Shoes
Beanie + Shoes+ Diaper            
Beanie+ Shoes+Cape                
Beanie + Shoes + Diaper + Cape                                          

Car Seat Canpies

Mommyz BIB Car Seat Canopies are made of light weight breathable fabrics. 
My car seat canopies will protect your baby from the elements while still allowing proper air flow to your baby.  I have 3 various styles to fit EVERY need. 

One Layer Car Set canopy (shown in picture)
* 1 layer of fabric
* 2  velcro straps
* colorful border
Two Layer Car Seat Canopy
* Top fabric is cotton
Bottom layer is a bubble fabric or light flannel
* 2 velcro straps
* Opening in front with tie or clips
One Layer Multi-purpose Cover
* Covers from Nursing Cover to Car Seat Canopy
* Cotton fabric
* Opening at top to hold car seat handle
* Allow air flow to prevent overheating and Carbon dioxide inhalation.

Mommyz BIB is accepting donations to fund materials for Breastfeeding Beanies, for local hospitals. 

Thank You!

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